He fucks his naive client!

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Today this young lovely brunette gets a massage therapist who seems rather shy and naive, in addition, she has a nice ass 😉 As she lies on the table, the little voyeur observed, which gives one of these erect! He returns and begins to provide massage, but he must kiss, then how? Simple, awkwardly, he ground the inner thighs, you see me coming huh? : P And it says nothing, it rises above (so we hear deep breathing) and touches her vulva! That’s when he knows what is in the bag! It then continues to stroke her pussy gets wet pretty good! Then he goes before it, and without waiting she grabs the cock already swollen and then insert it into her little mouth all hot! He then enters as a leader, but can not hold for long, it is too hot! She asks the poor, you volunteer? : P A + Laurie

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